Student Services Department







    OUR MISSION: We work with all students, staff, and families to ensure academic, emotional, and social success of all Lawnside students. We 

    o   Provide support, strategies, proactive measures, and interventions

    o   Provide academic and career counseling and guidance

    o   Provide individual and group social/emotional counseling (with written permission)

    o   Work as part of the Intervention and Referral Service Team

    o   Work as part of the Child Study Team

    o   Provide community information and resources to families

    o   Coordinate programs to further educate our students

    o   Help students develop a sense of responsibility and confidence

    o   Help students enhance problem-solving strategies and decision-making skills


    Family matters! We thank you for your support and participation in your child’s education. Your child thanks you for the things you do! 

    o   Be positive role models

    o   Give plenty of praise

    o   Encourage good study habits                            

    o   Build on skills at home

    o   Turn everyday into a learning experience

    o   Promote safety

    o   Identify problems

    o   Take an active role in your child’s education

    o   Work with the school and maintain good communication

    o   Be firm, fair, and consistent in setting the rules and consequences

    o   Make sure your child gets enough sleep, exercise, and healthy meals

    o   Take an interest in your child’s hobbies, know their friends, and supervise their Internet use




    Students:    Family, teachers, and staff are here to help you. It is ultimately your responsibility to:                             

    o   Be curious and ask questions                                   

    o   Stay motivated

    o   Have patience                                    

    o   Play fair 

    o   Be a good friend

    o   Follow the rules

    o   Get organized

    o   Use your planner

    o   Get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat healthy meals

    o   Limit TV and video game time

    o   Know that bullying will not be tolerated

    o   Find someone to talk to when you are upset

    o   Ask for help when you need it

    o   Study

    What is the Intervention and Referral Services Team?

    The Lawnside Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) Team is a group of school staff members that intervenes with at-risk situations involving our students.  A core multi-disciplinary team of professionals including an administrator, social worker, school psychologist, speech pathologist, and teacher(s) meet weekly to discuss reported concerns and intervention strategies for individual students. The core team remains for the school year and other professionals are invited to the meetings as needed to provide their expertise and knowledge. The I&RS team can...

    Talk to teachers about concerns they have, meet with families, provide home and classroom resources, refer for evaluations as needed, communicate information, talk to coaches, recommend mentoring, help parents find support groups, meet about attendance problems, suggest community and school resources, suggest strategies to teachers, schedule intensive academic intervention, pair students together, recommend counselors, arrange for extra help, and more The parent/guardian will receive a letter from the school when your child has been referred to I&RS and will be invited.  Please make every effort to attend the meeting as we need your input to reach optimal success.  



    For contact information regarding I&RS please see the following individuals:

    Contact Information:

    Ms.Rukiah Alwan- M.S.Ed., Supervisor of Special Services

    Phone: (856) 546-4850  x2204  Fax: (856) 310-0901

    Michele Mendenhall, School Social Worker/Guidance Counselor x2203

    Rebecca Welde, Speech-Language Pathologist/I&RS coordinator x2216

    Veda Jones, Computer Teacher/I&RS coordinator x2227

    2014-2015 Program Letter





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