QSAC District Improvement Planning Process

  • QSAC District Improvement Planning Process – Lawnside School District

    •    QSAC requires a district to submit an improvement plan to address missed indicators in DPR areas where the district received less than 80% of the eligible points.
    •    The planning process is divided into a Short Term Plan and a Long Range Plan, if appropriate. (Long Range Plan – N/A for the Lawnside School District)
    •    The Short Term Plan forms the basis for the county office review at six months.
    •    The district must use a committee
    •    The district must complete a short term plan.
    •    The local Board of Education must approve the plan.
    •    The district then submits plan to Deputy Commissioner Spicer and copy to county office by June 30, 2008.
    •    The DOE approves short term plan and establishes deadline for six-month review.
    Short Term Plan - Step One
    •    DOE has provided a short term planning template to the district, listing missed indicators.
    Short Term Plan – Step Two
    •    The district reviews each indicator to decide if it is a short term, 12 month or long range indicator.
    •    Short term: an indicator that can be met and verified within the next six months.
    •    12 month: an indicator that can be met and verified within a year.
    •    Long range: an indicator that will take more than 12 months to accomplish.
    Short Term Plan – Step 3
    •    The district identifies the actions or strategies it will use to meet the indicator.
    •    The real work of the committee is focused on coming to a consensus about the strategies; the plan should reflect that consensus and be a means of documenting the work of the committee.
    •    If the district identifies the indicator as a Long Range indicator, the rest of the row on the plan should be left blank.
    •    If the district has already done the work to meet the indicator, the district should use the plan to record the actions already taken.
    •    If the indicator is tied to another indicator, the district may state that once the first indicator is met, it is anticipated that the second one will be met.
    •    The listed actions/strategies will be evaluated as to their appropriateness and likelihood that indicator requirements will be met.
    Short Term Plan – Step 4
    •    The district identifies the person, by job title, responsible for guiding, overseeing, or accomplishing the actions/strategies for meeting the indicator.
    Short Term Plan – Step 5
    •    The district lists what it will use to self-assess that indicator requirements have been met. How does the district know that the indicator is met?

    NJ QSAC Short-Term Plan (continued)

    6-Month Review
    •    The county office will schedule the six-month review based on the approval date of the Short Term plan.
    •    The county office will use the short term indicators as a ‘to-verify’ list, but it is possible to add other indicators as well.
    •    Districts will gain points for indicators that they meet; must show evidence of sustained implementation into the future.
    •    QSAC Continuum scores will be updated.