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  •  Welcome to my new "School Health"  website!

                     School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing. School Nurses focus on advancing the health and wellness of the students to inhance academic achievement.  School nurses promote normal growth and development, health, and safety. The school nurses intervenes with actual or potential health problems, develop a plan of care, and promote a safe enviroment where children can learn to the best of the students ability. 

                  School nurses collaborate with other members of school team and partner with the community, families, students, and other members of  health care to advocate for student health.

    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value. Please look often when new things come up or you need to seek information about registration or immunizations.  I will be posting the information here.

    If you have questions or concerns please call my office at:

    Office number 546-1473/ 546-4850 EX2205; Fax: 546-9487