Kindergarten Spelling List - Spelling LIst

  • Kindergarten Accelerated Spelling


    Please practice these words on a regular basis.   These words are high frequency words.  Your child needs to know these words by sight.  It is important to study these words and review these words after the testing week to make sure that your child is retaining all the words.

    Week  one

    I       a      am  see


    Week two

    to    me  up   in 


    ****No new spelling words will be assigned the week 3


    Week 4

    at    no   my  like


    Week 5

    it      an    the  yes



    Week 6

    and         cat   has  ran


    Please practice the previous spelling words over the break!




    Week 7

    be    can  sat   here



    Week 8

    by    he    cap  you tan


    Week 9

    on   off   do   had for


    Week 10

    Is     go    we   look have      


    Week 11

    as    if      she  car   boy


    Week 12

    good       dog play all


    Week 13

    one two three      four


    Week 14

    five  six   yellow    orange



    Week 15

    seven      eight       red  black


    Week 16

    nine        ten  green      blue


    Week 17

    Are  book       his   sit    big


    Week 18

    did  fix    this will  brown


    Week 19

    Him that with        get  white



    Week  20

    not  hop went       said purple


    Week 21

    top  got  new old  help


    Week 22

    of    her  make      come      ride

    Week 23

    out  was from       gave        down


    Week 24

    ate  over        fast girl  they


    Week 25

    run  bus  saw eat  day


    Week 26

    Fun jump       find give happy






    Please review over the summer:

    little        mother      night       father        put    bear



    want       came      friend     what       your        rain



    Please continue to practice these words!