September Welcome - Welcome Letter, Academics, Rules, and Procedures


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Welcome to Kindergarten!  As your child begins this important year of school, we want you to know that our goal is to foster a love of learning that will be a basis for a lifetime of growth and success. 


    In an effort to help the transition into Kindergarten to be as smooth as possible, we have attached some information about what your child will be learning this year, classroom rules, and procedures.  Please read and discuss them with your child and keep all of this information handy for reference throughout the school year.  You can always communicate with us or let us know your thoughts or concerns, please feel free to send a note, call, or email:


    Ms. Laws Classroom  (856)  546-4850 Ext. 48  


    Website:  /webpages/CLaw


     We look forward to getting acquainted with your children and meeting you all, as well.  Our classroom door is always open, so you are more than welcome to visit.  We hope that you will join us in helping your children to have a positive and rewarding Kindergarten experience.   And, let us know how you like our Kindergarten Web page!


    Very sincerely,

    Ms. Latch                                                                         











    Helpful Classroom/School Information and Procedures


    *Reading Log- We will send home a  Reading log.  We would like to encourage you and your child to keep this  reading log, listing the books you read together and those that he/she reads independently. Please read with your child every night.

    *Homework/School Work A daily folder will be sent home with homework, a behavior report, reading log,school information, and class work.  Please look in your childs book bag each day.  Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday, unless otherwise notified.  Please encourage your child to complete and return the homework the next day. (PLEASE ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO COMPLETE THEIR HOMEWORK USING HIS/HER BEST HANDWRITING!)  Also, please review, sign, and return your childs behavior sheet everyday. 


    *Spelling/Word Study-  We will be starting Spelling in November.  We will assign 4 or 5 words each week for your child to say, spell, read, and retain.  There will be a practice test each Thursday and a spelling test each Friday, unless otherwise notified.  Please keep this list handy so that your child can learn and review these words throughout the year.  (These words are  extremely important to know by sight since they are frequently found in many Kindergarten and First grade books.)


    *Absences-Please be sure that your child is at school everyday unless he/she is sick.   Please keep your child home if he/she is sick.  The Kindergarten experience consists of each days learning built on the day before.  Inconsistent attendance will not benefit your childs learning experience.  If your child must be absent, please be sure to call the school and send a note, each time he/she is absent.


    *Arriving on time-Students should arrive at school by 8:25 a.m. 

    *Birthdays-We recognize that birthdays are special, so we do acknowledge them in class.   However, please do not send in cupcakes or a cake.  Some fun alternative suggestions are: an arts and crafts activity: an organized game (ex: pin the tail on the donkey): parent reads a story to the class, etc.  If your childs birthday is in the summer, we will celebrate those birthdays during the last week of school. 

    ******Please let us know in advance if you would like to plan an activity to celebrate your childs birthday.

    *Correct use of the toilet- Please review the correct use of the toilet with your child.  He/She should be able to use the bathroom without the teacher helping with his/her clothing.

    *Dismissal- School is dismissed at 3:10.  Please notify the office if you have to pick up your child early and call or write a note to the teacher if the way your child goes home changes  (ex: different person picking them up, walking home with an older friend, or family member.)

    *Gym Day- Please be sure your child wears sneakers on that day.  Gym day will be announced at a later time.

    *High Expectations-Please speak to your child each morning about your high expectations for following school and classroom rules and procedures.  Emphasize the importance of doing his/her best work.

     *Labeling belongings/ Change of Clothes- Please label all belongings with your childs first and last name and send in a change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks, and underwear) in a shoebox.   Other items that should be labeled: coats, scarf, mittens, hats, crayon boxes, folders, tissues, and all other school supplies!

    *Medicine- Please do not send in medicine with your child.  By law, the teacher cannot administer medicine to a student.  For additional information about administering medicine, contact Ms. Rosner, the school nurse.

    *Money- Please make sure that if your child brings money to school (ex: Lunch money, snack money, class trip money, etc.), it is enclosed in a sealed envelope with your childs name, the amount, and the purpose.  Please inform your child to make sure the teacher is aware of the money that is in the envelope. The envelope may be placed inside the homework folder.  

    *Parent Volunteers- We welcome you!!!  Please see the Parent Volunteer Form for more details.

    *Rest time- Please send a beach towel to be kept at school for your child to rest on.  

    *Snack Please label and pack a light snack for your child daily.  Some healthy suggestions are fruit, carrot sticks, crackers, dry cereal, and popcorn.  Please do not send in candy or cupcakes.  Discuss the difference between the snack and a lunch with your child. 

    *Uniforms-This is a uniform school. Please see handbook for description.



    Classroom Discipline Plan and Rules

               Follow Directions the first time they are given.

               Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

               Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

               Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

               Treat others the way you would like to be treated.



               1. Positive notes home to parents

               2. Classroom celebrations

               3. Stickers and awards

               4. Friday Treasure Box





    *We will be using a traffic signal system to manage behavior in the classroom.  Each child will have a clothespin.  The following colors are indicators of your childs behavior each day:


    Green-DOING GREAT!  (Student will be given a warning before clothespin is moved to yellow.)


    Yellow- Be careful.  (Time out-5minutes)


    Red- Notify parents (time out -10 minutes)