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  • Black Inventors A-Z

    A - George Alcorn        B- Benjamin Banneker, Janet Emerson Bashen, Patricia Bath, Mariam E. Benjamin, Henry Blair, Otis Boykin, and Robert Bryant       C - George Washington Carver, George Carruthers, Emmett W. Chappelle      D - Mark  Dean, Ronald Demon, and Charles Richard Drew   E - Philip Emeagwali   G - Sarah E. Goode, Meredith C. Gourdine, George Grant  J - Jack Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Marjorie Stewart Joyner, Percy Lavon Julian, and Everett Just   L - Lewis Howard Latimer   M - Jan Ernst Matzeliger, Elijah McCoy, Ruth Miro, Garrett Morgan    P - Traverse Benjamin Pinn   R - Cordell Reed, Norbert Rillieux     S - Henry Sampson, Jerry  Shelby  W - Madame Walker, James Edward West, Doctor Daniel Hale Williams, Granville Woods, Stanley Woodard, Kevin Woolfolk


    STUDENTS: CHOOSE AN INDIVIDUAL FROM THE ABOVE LIST.  Write their biography and included birthdate, birthplace, education (if provided), what and why invention was made, and any interesting facts you find.   The project must be completed on Poster paper (about $1.00 at the Dollar store).  It must be neat and legible (we must be able to read it).  It can be typed but it cannot be plagarized (not copying directly out of a book or off the computer).  Pictures can be downloaded. copied, or handdrawn.  The biography must be a page and one-half written or one page type.  This a graded-project and the due date is Tuesday, March 16th.  Do Your Best...This is a grade!!!